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 Performance Unlimited's Racers' Elite Series

 Our Zenoah 26cc, 26.33cc, 27.22cc, 28.5cc, 29.5cc and 30.5cc engines put out a wider usable power band (14,000-20,000+ rpms) than any other modified engine with the same displacement.

 Due to utilizing a longer rod that gives a better rod ratio.

We are the only engine builder that has succeeded with this exclusive modification and we also offer the ultimate in performance to the comsumer with the

 Racers' Elite Series

 The better and improved rod ratio enables the piston to be straighter in the cylinder during the power stroke and this gives more power to the crank, higher rpms and less side loading of the piston on the cylinder and better ring sealing.

Performance Unlimited's Exculsive  Crankshaft and Rod Assembly, Premium Cerbec Ceramic Bearings and an Optimized Transfer flow to name a few of the modifications that has had over 2-1/2 years of R&D, Dyno Tests and actual testing in boats, planes, helicopters, buggies and monster trucks that they are the hot ticket to the racer that will be a level above the rest! 

The Racers' Elite 26cc has the power of any big block Pro Modified 28.5cc Engine!

*****  You can have your Zenoah Engine Upgraded to RES Engine Specifications  *****

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