--- Some Info About Our Hulls ---

Our manufacture processes on all of our MONO or CAT HULLS the lay-ups are by the highest standards in the industry. The manufacturing concept of our hulls utilize the correct amount of resin to cloth ratio so the hull is not over saturated and heavy as well as not too light and flimsy compared to other manufactures. This means you get a quality hull at an affordable cost as well as the best aerodynamics and handling with the euro sleek design, which makes a more stable hull at high speeds or rough water while using a MODIFIED ZENOAH or QD ENGINE, so you as a driver have more enjoyment while racing or sport boating. All Hulls are 100% composite and no wood used. 

Returns and Refund policy on Boat Hulls, RTR Hulls and ARTR Hulls:

 All Sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges on any of our boat hulls and the only exception is with the written Limited Warranty on the Carbon Fiber Mono Hull that is shipped with each hull.. For us be able to keep cost of inventory to it's minimum and pass the savings to the consumer all of our hulls are manufactured individually by the order of the completed purchase from customers and additionally your hull can be ready to ship sooner or even later than the mentioned lead time and in that case we will notify you and keep in contact with you on the progress of your order.