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The Pro-Modified Zenoah 34 cc Engine that we modify for the Losi 5IVE has the power like no other competitor's engine and we have exclusively CNC a proven design of a combustion chamber that allows a high compression ratio (18:1) and  this design enables the use of regular 87 Octane fuel and not require any of the higher expensive octane fuels with no issues of detonation during normal use. Compression builds power more than any modification that is done to the engine and we modify the engine to take advantage of the power and still have a reliable powerful engine.

Note - Orders that are cancelled will have a have a $25.00  Restocking Fee.


Pro-Modified 34 cc Engine Losi 5IVE & DBXL (Ver 1.0) and RedCat

$ 835.00 USD

Pro Modified High Performance Zenoah GR 340RC 34 cc

 Note: For Losi 5IVE and FG Vehicles and some chassis might require slotting of the engine mounting holes.

4 Bolt Cylinder Engine   Dynoed @ 14.6+ HP / 3.7 LBS Torque

Operating Range 13,000 - 19,000+ RPMs  

These engines are Great for Heat Racing, Baja, Monster Truck or for the Weekend Warrior that will give you Awesome Performance! This engine will give your Car, Buggy or Monster Truck a position far ahead of the pack with Good throttle response, Broad power curve, Responsive idle and Longevity

  • Pro Modified CNC Ported Cylinder with the Toroidal Combustion Chamber designPiston 
  • Coated Base Gasket
  • Flywheel Lightened & Compression Raised
  • Transfers CNC Reshaped for More Flow
  • Intake Duration Timing CNC'd for More Duration and Flow
  • Exhaust Duration Timing CNC'd for More Duration, Power & RPM
  • CNC Carb modified for More Flow
  • Use 87 Octane Fuel

    NOTE: Use a Bartolone Pipe for Ultimate Results

    30 Day Warranty

     Note: For Losi 5IVE and FG Vehicles and some chassis might require slotting of the engine mounting holes.


    Due to the Demand - Your engine will ship 7-10 Business Days after you complete your order 



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