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We have exclusively designed this Stainless Steel Tuned Pipe for the 32-35 cc Zenoah Engine, which has been through 2 years of R&D testing with impressive results yielding 14.6 more mph and over 3,400 more rpms on the water compared to any available pipe that is on the market.

The R&D testing was using our Pro-Mod 35 cc Zenoah engine and a heavy mono hull that had a RTR weight of 20 lbs. The pipe was designed to enhance  a very broad power band that made higher horsepower gains in the mid and the upper rpms with a substantial low end torque. 

This pipe uses a 1" header and is available without a muffler or with our integral stinger muffler that is 9 dBs quieter than any muffler available...that is 3X quieter and still not loose any performance from the Modified 35 cc engine.

The 1" Pipe includes a Premium Stainless T-bolt clamp for the header and the stinger.

The  Available Options for this 1" Stainless Steel Pipe are :

- Pipe with Integral Stinger Muffler

- Pipe with Stinger Only No Muffler .... can be used as an Internal Stinger

      - 1"  Header & Water Cooled Flange


Stainless Steel Pipe - w/ Integral Stinger Muffler

$ 295.00 USD


Stainless Steel Pipe w/ Stinger (no muffler)

$ 245.00 USD


Stainless 1" 90° Header w/ Water-Cooled Flange

$ 62.00 USD

                                         SHIPPING IS FREE IN THE USA

WTC  1" Stainless Pipe Coming Soon


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